7 Day Sugar Free Challenge

We challenge YOU to go 7 days without sugar!  Learn about the harmful effects of sugar, get Veggie Lisa's favorite recipes, and feel better than you ever have.

Learn, Change, Improve

Included in the 7-day Sugar Free Challenge

-Education on the harmful effects of sugar
-8 of Lisa's favorite recipes
-Daily tips from Lisa on the importance of cutting out sugar

Learn, Change, Improve

Here's What You'll Learn With This Challenge!

-Basics of sugar and its harmful effects
-Surprising foods that are high in sugar
-Expert information about artificial sugar
-The power of plant-based protein
-Natural energy substitutes
-How to eat clean eat and love it

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Meet Lisa

As a mother of four, certified personal trainer, and nutritionist, Lisa knows what it is like to be busy! She also knows how important it is to feel her best. Taking care of herself is essential no matter how busy she gets and she knows that her nutrition is key to achieving this. Sugar can play a nasty game with the digestive system creating spikes and plummets that just go round and round. That's why Lisa created the "7-day Sugar Free Program"! She wanted an approachable challenge that would make a big change in how people feel. Lisa will help you cut out sugar and teach you why it's so important to avoid it, so you can feel better than ever!

Thank You!

Stay fresh, stay sugar free