A Glance Into My Past

Hi, I’m Lisa Danielson, the head nutritionist at IdealRaw. 

Most people know me as a fitness junkie and a lover of all things fruits and veggies. It may sound surprising, but I wasn’t always the health-nut vegetarian you see in front of you.

It was only just a few years ago that I weighed 80 lbs more than I do today! 

I was a self-proclaimed vegetarian with no real clue on how to eat right or what it meant to get proper nutrition, and it definitely showed.

But when I finally learned what it means to eat a wholesome diet, like getting a lot more protein than I was, my life completely changed for the better.

Single Moments Define Our Health and Eating Habits. . .

Many of my clients often ask me how long it takes to actually start eating better.

So I’m opening the question up to you.

How long do you think it takes someone to start eating healthier?

Is it a month? A week? A few days?

I’ll give you a little hint: It doesn’t even take 24 hours.

My answer to my clients, and to you, is that all it really takes to start eating healthier is a moment. 

I designed the Perfect 24 Hour Meal Plan to help you take advantage of each of those moments in your day, and truly achieve a mindset, as well as habits, centered on wholesome eating.

I totally understand that eating healthier may seem like it’s too expensive, or that it takes too much time out of your already busy day to prepare and cook proper meals, but that’s why 24 hours is such a perfect amount of time to show you that you can eat better!

 I’ll show you how each crucial moment in a 24 hour period — whether it’s the moment you wake up in the morning, the moment that afternoon hunger pang strikes, or even that moment between dinner and bedtime — can be used to your advantage to finally help you eat the way you’ve always wanted to.

 I’m ready for the challenge if you’re ready to come along with me.

Eat Good, Feel Good, Look Good!

The Perfect 24 Hour Meal Plan has everything you need to make healthier living a reality:

  • A 24-hour meal and exercise timeline to help you break down your day one moment at a time
  • 5 simple and delicious recipes with seven ingredients or less that are easy on your schedule and budget
  • 4 life-saving tips on how to eat healthier now
  • What to eat and what not to eat pointers that apply to any situation, anywhere
  • My secret weapon for cravings and mindless snacking 

Let's Spend The Day Together...

If you’re like me, you’ve tried countless diets and listened to even more suggestions on how to eat better without any real success. 

And as you’ve already seen, I used to be one of those overweight people who was unhappy with my health and the way that I looked. 

But when I started focusing on the things that I’m about to show you with the Perfect 24 Hour Meal Plan, I began to see results fast!

I’m fully invested in making sure your next 24 hours are full of simple and successful moments that will now and forever define your health and diet.

 So take this next moment and click on the button below, and let’s spend the day together.